Social Work Practice with African Americans in Urban Environments

Social Work Practice with African Americans in Urban Environments

Book Title: Social Work Practice with African Americans in Urban Environments

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 0826130747

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Social Work Practice with African Americans in Urban Environments

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The experiences of African Americans in urban communities are distinct from those of other ethnic groups, and to be truly understood require an in-depth appreciation of the interface between micro- and macro-level factors. This sweeping text, an outgrowth of a groundbreaking urban social work curriculum, focuses exclusively on the African American experience through field education, community engagement, and practice. It presents a framework for urban social work practice that encompasses a deep understanding of the challenges faced by this community. From a perspective based on empowerment, strengths, resilience, cultural competence, and multiculturalism, the book delivers proven strategies for social work practice with the urban African American population. It facilitates the development of creative thinking skills and the ability to "meet people where they are" skills that are often necessary for true transformation to take root.

The book describes an overarching framework for understanding and practicing urban social work, including definitions and theories that have critical implications for working with people in such communities. It encompasses the contributions of African American pioneers regarding a response to such challenges as poverty, oppression, and racism. Focusing on the theory, practice, and policy aspects of urban social work, the book examines specific subsets of the urban African American population including children, adults, families, and older adults. It addresses the challenges of urban social work in relation to public health, health, and mental health; substance abuse; criminal justice; and violence prevention. Additionally, the book discusses how to navigate the urban built environment and the intersection between African Americans and other diverse groups. Chapters include outcome measures of effectiveness, case studies, review questions, suggested activities, and supplemental readings.


  • Fills a void in the literature on urban social work practice with African Americans
  • Presents the outgrowth of a renowned urban curriculum, field education, research, community engagement, and practice
  • Fulfills the requirements of the CSWE in the Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards regarding diversity
  • Synthesizes micro, mezzo, and macro content in each chapter
  • Provides contributions from African American pioneers in urban social work practice
  • Accompanying Instructor's Manual and PowerPoint Slides